Romantic Spots & Honeymoon Destinations


Popular Destinations for Honeymoon, Weddings or Romantic Getaways!, in partnership with Apple Vacations, Classic Vacations, Funjet Vacations and Travel Impressions provide vacation options for a romantic experience that far exceeds your expectations. Whether you’re planning your dream honeymoon or destination wedding, celebrating your anniversary, or just getting away from it all, you’ll find just the right resort with everything you had in mind.

Some of the most popular destinations for a romantic getaway includes all-inclusive resort options in Mexico and the Caribbean, many of which are set on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Another popular destination for a romantic getaway is Hawaii. With gorgeous scenery, fantastic beaches, and luxurious resorts, Hawaii is sure to make your special getaway a memorable one. With world-class dining, shopping, incredible shows and amazing resorts, Las Vegas is becoming another popular location for a romantic getaway. Whichever destination you choose, we offer a wide variety of resorts and activity options for you!


Romantic Hot Spots & Their Special Appeal!

Most Exotic & Romantic Destinations
South Africa, Morocco, Fiji; Tahiti; India; Indonesia; Malaysia; Maldives; Mauritius; Thailand; Vietnam

Wildest Places to Party
Cancun, Mexico; Los Cabos, Mexico;  Las Vegas, Negril, Jamaica; Miami, Florida

The Next Big Thing
Croatia; Grenada; Barbados; Warsaw, Poland; Lombok, Indonesia; Turks & Caicos

Biggest Bang for Your Buck
Mexico; Las Vegas; Jamaica; Florida; Dominican Republic

Hot Spots for Adventure
Costa Rica; Alaska; Australia; Belize; Africa; Asia: Australia

Best Winter Playground
Colorado; Lake Tahoe, California; Switzerland; Canada; Austria

Places We Love in Europe:
Southern France; Greece; Italy


Romantic Destinations


The Islands of The Caribbean

Journey with your love to Puerto Rico, “The Pearl of the Caribbean”, and you’ll be drawn into magical romance as the melodic notes of a folkloric serenade waft on the evening breeze. The sights, sounds, flavors, and feel of a honeymoon or lover’s vacation on the sun-kissed island of Jamaica will only be limited by your own sense of romance and imagination. An enchanting honeymoon on the US Virgin Islands can be spent on the sunny beaches of St. Croix, in the natural paradise of St. John, or enjoying the nightlife of St. Thomas. The unique combination of rustic charm with world-class restaurants on St. Barths is the recipe for a romantic getaway. Embodying the elements of a paradise usually associated with the South Pacific, the tropical island of Grenada creates the setting for the perfect honeymoon. More…..


Known as “The Island Made for Two”, the romantic island of Bermuda has European flair that makes it a charming place to make and share memories with the person you love. More…..


There’s golf for him, spa for her, and a romantic dinner cruise for both in beautiful Los Cabos. The Old World charm of Puerto Vallarta makes your romantic dreams come true! The amazing sunsets over Acapulco provide the perfect backdrop for romance. Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo are two opposites wrapped in one for couples who like variety. The relaxed island of Cozumel is a quintessential vacation for couples, and you can do as much or as little as you want in Cancun, a place made for sweethearts! More…..

US East

Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the fantasies that await you in the Poconos, the perfect setting for a romantic vacation. Experience all the fine dining, Broadway shows, and excitement of New York City, the city that never sleeps.  More…..

US West

Enjoy the varied nightlife and romantic restaurants of San Francisco, a city renowned for its excitement and vitality. An amazing number of marriages are performed in Las Vegas every year, and a fun-filled honeymoon is right outside the chapel door!  More…..


Beautiful Key West sunsets, tropical drinks, and warm ocean breezes set the stage for a picture-book romantic vacation. More…..


Fall under the spell of the Big Island’s waterfalls, colorful orchids, and anthurium gardens, or perhaps take a new lease on romance with a sunset cruise past Waikiki’s city lights on Oahu. Really leave the modern world behind and escape to the simpler pleasures of Molokai. Share in the romance of Maui’s breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, or spend a romantic vacation on Kauai and experience the magic of Aloha!    More…..


The bluest skies and the greenest trees, and the time to notice them, await couples in love in Banff. Enjoy your next vacation amid the French flair and unique history of Quebec City, or discover remote and romantic Jasper tucked away in one of Canada’s mesmerizing National Parks.  More…..

South Pacific

Enjoy the many fine restaurants and beautiful sunsets over the lagoon waters of Tahiti, where unspoiled beaches and tiny villages sweep you up in a vacation paradise! Romance each other in the relaxed atmosphere of the finest resorts in nearby Bora Bora or let the lush valleys and high mountains of Moorea enchant you both. Let’s not forget Australia, Fiji and her outer islands too. More…..


France is a country where romance is a way of life, and a honeymoon in the cities of Paris, Monte Carlo, and Nice ware a great start to living “happily ever after!” The miracle of Italy is that its treasured cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice come packed with mountains, placid lakes, idyllic islands, and walled villages, making them all perfect romantic vacation. Visit the gorgeous beaches and quaint towns of Portugal’s Algarve province for a romantic trip back in time to a place where you can just relax and explore the Old World. More…..

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