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CMTravelonline offers six fabulous vacation regions to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a romantic beach in the Caribbean or art museums in Italy, we can custom tailor your perfect dream vacation to your exact specification. Choose from either the:

  1. Caribbean
  2. Mexico & Latin America
  3. Hawaii & South Pacific
  4. Europe
  5. North America
  6. Middle East & Asia


Are you tempted to widen your vacation horizons this year? If so, you can be sure of finding a host of new and exciting ideas around the world in our showcase website. Ours is a world that stretches from the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean; from Europe to Asia; from Latin America to the Middle East. It’s an exotic stage in which you’ll discover the many different ‘wonders’ and experience the best vacations to some of the most unique and colorful places on earth. Find out where to go and how to plan your trip with CMTravelonline’s Destination Guides! Get recommendations on attractions, top hotels and other useful information for our most popular destinations.

Experience the Caribbean


Caribbean Vacations and Destination Information More than 30 Caribbean island gemstones, large and small with unique charms, enticements and colors await your vacation. The natural beauty of the Caribbean leaves the soul stirred and the senses yearning for more.

Enjoy a sunny and warm Caribbean vacation close to home.  As the trade winds blow gently through each perfect Caribbean island, you will revel in the culture and traditions that draw on a rich history. The Caribbean is a wonderland overflowing with romance, adventure, discovery and awe blended with the modern rhythms and luxurious amenities of today.  More…..

Experience Mexico & Latin America


Mexico & Latin America Vacations and Destination Information
The rich land… The dreamy landscape… The warmth of its people… The past and the present in perfect harmony… This is Mexico. Mexico offers vacationers the tranquility and beauty of its lovely beaches, known and admired all over the world for their eternal sun and warm ambiance.

Mexico is one of the only places where you can find spectacular archaeological sites and colonial cities that tell stories of glory and tradition. Unmatched landscapes, varied and exotic dishes, and the genius of Mexican craftsmanship all contribute to the wonder of this beautiful country.  More…..

The stunning destinations of Central America are rich in cultural treasures, with a glorious backdrop of luxuriant tropical foliage, towering mountains and a bevy of navigable rivers and lakes. All this, populated by warm and hospitable people. Soak in the sparkling Pacific or Caribbean, stand in the mist of the world’s most magical waterfalls, and surf, swim and snorkel to your heart’s content.  More…..


Experience Hawaii & South Pacific


Hawaii & South Pacific Vacations and Destination Information
We have exciting Hawaii Vacation Packages for you!   Create your dream stay in Hawaii at some of the most fabulous Hawaii Hotels and Resorts on all the major islands—Hawaii’s Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, and Oahu. Book air and hotel plus other optional fun activities. Enjoy a sunny getaway and lounge on the beach or explore all that fantastic Hawaii has to offer. Choose a Hawaii Hotel or Resort today! More…..

South Pacific Vacations are available to Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Tahiti and her islands. Friendly smiles and wide-open spaces await you in Australia. In the land down under, breathtaking landscapes deliver the perfect backdrop for once-in-a-lifetime adventures, while bustling, cosmopolitan cities provide unforgettable, culture-rich experiences.   Tahiti & Her Islands are what you’ve always imagined the South Seas to be – an idyllic getaway from the stresses of the modern world. Here, around these isles, the sea sends giant curls of turquoise breaking onto the colorful reefs that protect tranquil lagoons of warm, bright-emerald waters and white coral-sand beaches.  More…..

Experience Europe


Europe Vacations and Destination Information
The dream of European travel is easily turned into reality with our broad range of vacation packages across a continent of distinctive cultures. When it comes to experiencing the Old World, we take you there in a variety of ways. To truly experience a desirable place is to do it at the most desirable pace.

Most people visit Europe to see the famous sights they’ve always heard about. But equally important a part of any travel experience is to savor the real flavor of a city or country. Stay where Europeans stay, eat where the Europeans eat, and share the European view of Europe.  More…..

Discount Hotels in Europe:

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    Hotels in Barcelona
    Hotels in Florence
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    Hotels in Amsterdam
    Hotels in Venice
    Hotels in Rome
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    Hotels in Dublin

Stay at Home!  Enjoy North America!


USA Vacations and Destination Information
With so much beauty, excitement and diversity, no place offers as many vacation possibilities as the United States.  From the top of the Empire State Building to the foot of the Statue of Liberty to the bright lights of Times Square, New York City provides thrills 24 hours a day.

There’s more than one reason why Florida is called the Sunshine State.  It’s also a description of how you feel wherever – and whenever – you travel Florida.  With endless coastline, Florida’s beaches are always a glorious welcome.

Las Vegas has redefined travel offering a glittering profusion of attractions, activities and pure excitement in a unique desert paradise. Everyone and anyone can find their passion in Las Vegas, romantics looking to tie the knot, and connoisseurs of sumptuous dining and world class shopping not to mention our amazing casinos.    More…..

Important Fact:

Did you know that you can book Air+Hotel+Car packages to virtually every major town or city in the United States and Canada? You sure can!  Simply add your travel details to the booking engine (on the left side of this page) and get “up-to-the-minute” pricings and availability for your next getaway, business trip.

Experiences we offer in this Region:

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Experience The Middle East & Asia


The Middle East and Asia Vacations and Destination Information
is a modern city that rises out of the desert like an oasis of glass and steel and total luxury. This latest wonder of the world blends pure opulence and ancient Bedouin culture to create an atmosphere unlike any other on earth.

Bali – The very name of this lovely unspoiled island conveys an aura of magic – a favoured sea kissed haven of volcanic mountain, lakes and rivers, terraced rice fields, giant banyans, palm groves and sun-dappled roads that lead past peaceful villages and markets to tucked away bays, bordered by white sandy beaches.

Singapore – Singapore is a unique multi-cultural Asian society, with a strong blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions and a distinct British colonial heritage. Here you can find great food, vibrant nightlife, arts and cultural events. It is easy to get around in Singapore as English is widely spoken. Make sure you leave time to enjoy this shopper’s paradise, especially during the Great Singapore Sale in July.

Thailand – Thailand truly offers the perfect holiday destination for any visitor…Learn about the fascinating culture of the Hilltribe villages in Northern Thailand, where you will experience friendly people, visit ancient temples, secluded hillsides and jungles. Marvel at the rich traditions, or test your fitness on a trek. Visit the centre of the renowned “Golden Triangle”.  Shop for handicrafts and great bargains in Bangkok – the buzzing capital home to the Grand Palace, Floating Market, and other sightseeing activities such as Thai Boxing… discover this exciting city.

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